Adult desisters from sex reassignment program in France


Foch Hospital

Clinician psychologist, I've been working in a transgender unit for 7 years in Foch Hospital (France). I belong to the psychoanalysis stream. My publications concerning trangenderism are in French: "Psycho-social wellfare of 207 transgender subjects operated in France", "Regret ans ask for returning to his natal sex", From transsexualism to gender dysphoria: the case of Benjamin syndrom". The first publication was presented at the WPATH congress in Atlanta. Our transgender unit belong to the french society for study and care of transgender people. Each year, I present new ethical issues in transgenderism at several french congress. I teach at the University Paris 7, in a master degree.


Université de Rennes

I'm a French student in my penultimate year of a master degree in psychoanalysis-oriented clinical psychology, specialised in adult psychopathology at the University of Brittany in Rennes (France). I have focused my master thesis on transsexualism. I have been a trainee for sixteen weeks in the transgender unit of Foch Hospital (France).


Since 1991, the transgender unit of Foch Hospital(Paris, France) has been receiving adult patients requesting sex reassignment surgery (SRS). This unit is part of the French Society for the Study and Medical Care of Gender... [ view full abstract ]


We want to assess the proportion and distribution of the “desisters” and understand the reasons for their dropping out. [ view full abstract ]


The medical records of the 1297 patients, who consulted one of our psychiatrists between 1991 & 2015, were computerised, listed and studied. [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

In our reference sample population, 45.5% of all patients dropped out of the program, 15.5% are being assessed, 2% has been refused and 37.5% completed their SRS. We call “desisters” those who dropped out of the SRS... [ view full abstract ]


Among the “desisters”, 77% are male-to-female whose average age is 37.5 y.o. Among those who have benefited from SRS, 56.5% are female-to-male whose average age is 30 y.o. Over 30% of the “desisters” gave an explicit... [ view full abstract ]


More than 45% of our patients dropped out before undergoing SRS: they are mostly (77%) male-to-female patients and tend to be slightly older. Since the inclusion of the Foch Hospital unit in the French society (SOFECT)... [ view full abstract ]


  1. KARPEL Léa (Foch Hospital)
  2. Samuel CATTOIR (Université de Rennes)
  3. Gardel Bérénice (Foch Hospital)
  4. Cordier Bernard (Foch Hospital)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Mental health


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