Gender dysphoria and pregnancy 


Gender dysphoria (DSM V) designates a feeling of dissonance between gender identity and gender assigned at birth, ranging from transient distress to more stable forms that may eventually lead to the seeking of gender affirming... [ view full abstract ]


We present the case of a reactivation of gender dysphoria in a 37 year-old female-to- male patient fostering a project for a second child and having already presented acute gender dysphoria during a first pregnancy, three... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Clinical case description, combining psychiatric consultations and psychological testing. [ view full abstract ]


Clinical case description [ view full abstract ]


Regular consultations in a setting specialising in gender identity and gender dysphoria issues, in synergy with the patient’s referring psychiatrist and psychotherapist, allowed for a stabilisation of the anxiety and... [ view full abstract ]


The diagnostic and therapeutic considerations raised by this observation allow us to discuss the relatively understudied aspect of gender identity fluctuation following a project to have a child and pregnancy. In a broader... [ view full abstract ]


Eirini Rari (Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne), Thierry Gallarda (Service de Psychiatrie de l'Adulte Agé, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne), Sandrine Coussinoux (Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne), Sébastien Machefaux (Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne), François Chauchot (Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne), Marie-Odile Krebs (Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne)

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