Gender dysphoria and pregnancy 

Eirini Rari

Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne

Eirini RARI was born in Athens, Greece. She completed her postgraduate studies in clinical psychology in Paris, France at the Paris VII-Denis Diderot University, where she also defended her PhD thesis in psychopathology and psychoanalysis entitled "The body as a bargaining chip-a psychoanalytic approach to the requests for voluntary amputation", in 2015. She has been working as a clinical psychologist at the gender identity consultation of the Hospital-University Unit of the Sainte-Anne Hospital in Paris since 2008, providing psychological assessment and psychodynamic psychotherapy services to transgender people at different age groups (ranging from adolescent to elderly patients). As a researcher, she has been involved in research protocols in the field of transgender care, including ethical issues in the clinical management of gender dysphoria and treatment decisions, autobiographic memory and gender identity development, as well as atypical expressions of gender and body identity. 


Gender dysphoria (DSM V) designates a feeling of dissonance between gender identity and gender assigned at birth, ranging from transient distress to more stable forms that may eventually lead to the seeking of gender affirming... [ view full abstract ]


We present the case of a reactivation of gender dysphoria in a 37 year-old female-to- male patient fostering a project for a second child and having already presented acute gender dysphoria during a first pregnancy, three... [ view full abstract ]


Clinical case description, combining psychiatric consultations and psychological testing. [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Clinical case description [ view full abstract ]


Regular consultations in a setting specialising in gender identity and gender dysphoria issues, in synergy with the patient’s referring psychiatrist and psychotherapist, allowed for a stabilisation of the anxiety and... [ view full abstract ]


The diagnostic and therapeutic considerations raised by this observation allow us to discuss the relatively understudied aspect of gender identity fluctuation following a project to have a child and pregnancy. In a broader... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Eirini Rari (Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne)
  2. Thierry Gallarda (Service de Psychiatrie de l'Adulte Agé, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne)
  3. Sandrine Coussinoux (Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne)
  4. Sébastien Machefaux (Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne)
  5. François Chauchot (Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne)
  6. Marie-Odile Krebs (Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Mental health


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