Adolescents' Retrospective Suggestions for Improving Children's Services in Gender Identity Clinics in the Netherlands

Tom Bootsma

Independent Initiative, collaboration with Patient Organization Transvisie and VUmc

Tom Bootsma graduated for his doctoral exam (Master's degree) Medicine at Leiden University in the Netherlands, after he had passed successfully two research internships. Since then, he worked in the field of cancer research. Currently he is working as a junior researcher on the project entitled: "Being a man in a woman's world": Development of an online information portal for Male Breast Cancer Patients, Health Care Professionals and Researchers at the department of Psychosocial Research and Epidemiology of the Netherlands Cancer Institute and UMC Utrecht Cancer Center. His research interest is patient perspective and gender. Besides his work in cancer research, he is working for Patient Organization Transvisie as a volunteer coordinator/patient expert for friendly visits of transgenders. With our research proposal; retrospective evaluation of transgender youth care, I hope to give ex-transgender youths and their parents a voice to evaluate the care they received. 


Treatment for transgender adolescents is available since 25 years and started in the Netherlands. Also, alongside support groups, counseling services and patient organisations are becoming more involved in scientific research... [ view full abstract ]


The objective of this study is threefold: (1) to come up with suggestions forexpansion of the youth treatment protocol from ex-youth patients’ and their parents’ perspective as well as professionals’ perspective; (2) to... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

After a literature study the qualitative retrospective study will start in 2017 by the use of focus groups with ex-youth transgender patients and professionals and single interviews with one of their parents. Ex-youth... [ view full abstract ]


The focus groups will be audiotaped, transcribed and coded. Subjects in focus groups and interviews are focused on the following: experiences with the treatment in the hospital, communication interactions with healthcare... [ view full abstract ]


Ultimately the project results in qualitative ex-youth patient feedback for gender identity clinics and other gender identity care services to evaluate the experience with the treatment protocols and improve care providers... [ view full abstract ]


Our project comprises an analysis of the current state of treatment of transgender youth in the Netherlands and a practical approach towards what we can do to smoothen the intense treatment procedure. All in all, we call for... [ view full abstract ]


Tom Bootsma (Independent Initiative, collaboration with Patient Organization Transvisie and VUmc), Simon Doomernik (Independent Initiative, collaboration with Patient Organization Transvisie and VUmc), Aike Pronk (Independent Initiative, collaboration with Patient Organization Transvisie and VUmc), Dennis van Dijk (Independent Initiative, collaboration with Patient Organization Transvisie and VUmc)

Topic Area

Oral & Poster Topics: Children and adolescents


OS-2B » Children & Adolescents II: Assessing Prevalence, Treatment Satisfaction and Mental Health (11:00 - Friday, 7th April, Atlantic 2)

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