Effectiveness of Multisystemic Therapy for Antisocial and Delinquent Youth with Mild Intellectual Disabilities


Objectives Despite new developments, there still is a lack of evidence-based interventions focusing on Borderline and Mild Intellectual Disabilities (BMID) in children and adolescents. This is especially alarming, because... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Annemarieke Blankestein (de Viersprong)
  2. Rachel E.A. Van Der Rijken (de Viersprong)
  3. Katrien De Vuyst (Stichting Prisma)
  4. Jac De Bruijn (Stichting Prisma)
  5. Xavier Moonen (University of Amsterdam)
  6. Robert Didden (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Topic Areas

Prevention and family intervention programs , Program evaluation and quality in child welfare


OS-04 » Disabled Children and Young People (11:00 - Wednesday, 14th September, Sala 3)