The relation between children's views on group climate and the therapeutic alliance with their mentor in residential care


Residential care for children/youths is heavily debated, and it is often used as a last resort given the disadvantages, including problems with safety, coercion by group workers, deviancy training, lack of placement stability... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Eefje Strijbosch (Juzt youth care)
  2. Geert Jan Stams (University of Amsterdam)
  3. Peer Van Der Helm (Leiden University of Applied Sciences)
  4. Inge Wissink (University of Amsterdam)
  5. mariette van brandenburg (Juzt youth care)

Topic Area

Residential child care


SYM15 » The therapist-client alliance in youth care: predictors and impact on outcome (12:30 - Thursday, 15th September, Sala 4)