Lifestyles: A comparison between adopted, fostered, institutionalized and community adolescents


Studies of children and adolescents in the child welfare system have traditionally focused on the mental health problems of this at-risk population. However, we know little about their lifestyles, how they spend their time or... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Carmen Paniagua (University of Seville, Spain)
  2. Francisco Rivera (University of Huelva)
  3. Pablo Carrera (University of Seville, Spain)
  4. Inmaculada Sánchez-Queija (University of Seville, Spain)
  5. Antonia Jiménez-Iglesias (University of Seville, Spain)
  6. Ana Villafuerte-Díaz (University of Seville, Spain)

Topic Areas

Family foster care and adoption , Residential child care


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