Literature review of the state of the art of cost-effectiveness research in youth care: the Dutch case


Background. In the Netherlands municipalities are responsible for the organization of youth care and for decisions regarding the purchase of interventions. The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of available interventions... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ingrid Kremer (Maastricht University)
  2. Daphne Kann (Netherlands Youth Institute (NJi))
  3. Germie VandenBerg (Netherlands Youth Institute (NJi))
  4. Carmen D Dirksen (Maastricht University Medical Center)
  5. Mickaël Hiligsmann (Maastricht University)
  6. silvia evers (Maastricht University; Trimbos Institute)

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SYM10 » Cost-effectiveness and evidence-based youth policy (16:30 - Wednesday, 14th September, Sala de Cámara)