Examining the Differences Between "Low" and "High" Research Evidence Users in Child Welfare Practice


Child welfare is arguably one of the most challenging fields of practice in the human services, with workers facing a multitude of issues intertwined with policies, legislation, media, and the need for transparency and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Kristen Lwin (Practice and Research Together (PART))
  2. Julia Wedeles (Practice and Research Together (PART))
  3. Sarah Head (Practice and Research Together (PART))
  4. Aaron Turpin (Practice and Research Together (PART))
  5. Auriole Fernandes (Practice and Research Together (PART))

Topic Areas

Program evaluation and quality in child welfare , Other topics


OS-21 » Outcomes and Evidence Based Practices (12:30 - Thursday, 15th September, Sala Polivalente)