Preventing Maltreatment in Substance Dependent Parents of children under 2.5 years


Background: Many babies in the UK are born to drug-dependent parents, and dependence on psychoactive drugs during the postnatal period is associated with high rates of child maltreatment, with around a quarter of these... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jane Barlow (University of Warwick)
  2. Sukhi Sembi (University of Warwick)
  3. Gwynne Rayns (NSPCC)
  4. Richard Cotmore (NSPCC)
  5. Sharon Dawe (Griffith University)

Topic Area

Prevention and family intervention programs


SYM09 » International perspectives, practices and programmes on safeguarding very young children from abuse (16:30 - Wednesday, 14th September, Sala Principal)