Autonomy promotion in the foster care process of at risk youth: results of a personal and social competences programme


The foster home Casa do Canto - Associação Portuguesa para o Direito dos Menores e da Família-CrescerSer - for adolescents girls, aged between 12 and 18 years, developed a Life Competences Programme that relies on the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Laura Santos (Casa do Canto APDMF-CrescerSer)
  2. Maria Pinheiro (University of Coimbra, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences)
  3. Cristina Velho (Casa do Canto APDMF-CrescerSer)
  4. Carla Palaio (Casa do Canto APDMF-CrescerSer)

Topic Area

Program evaluation and quality in child welfare


OS-29 » Transitions to Adulthood from Care (16:30 - Thursday, 15th September, Sala 5)