Measuring social climate in Norwegian residential youth care: A revision of the Community Oriented Programs Environment Scale


Introduction and objectives: Social climate is an understudied factor in residential youth care (RYC) institutions. Already in the 1950’s, the World Health Organization stated that “atmosphere” is an important factor in... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jonathan Leipoldt (University of Groningen)
  2. Tormod Rimehaug (Norwegian University of science and technology)
  3. Annemiek T. Harder (University of Groningen)
  4. Nanna Kayed (Norwegian University of science and technology)
  5. Hans Grietens (University of Groningen)

Topic Areas

Residential child care , Program evaluation and quality in child welfare


SYM07 » Multiple perspectives on improving practices in residential care (12:30 - Wednesday, 14th September, Sala 2)