Enhancing quality and safety in hospitals: AMO for starting, sustaining and spreading service-improvement change

Aoife M. McDermott

Cardiff University

Aoife is a Reader in HRM at Cardiff Business School. Her research interests concern the role of human resource management in supporting service delivery and improvement, particularly in healthcare and professional service contexts. She is interested in employment relationships, employees’ responses to change and the role of the HR function.


Healthcare is inherently risky, necessitating ongoing investment in different types of change: starting new ventures to enhance existing practice; working to sustain improvements and avoid decay; and scaling-up successful... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Aoife M. McDermott (Cardiff University)
  2. David Steel (Aberdeen University)
  3. Malcolm Beynon (Cardiff University)
  4. Lauren Hamel (Wayne State University)
  5. Patrick C. Flood (Dublin City University)
  6. Lorna Mckee (Aberdeen University)

Topic Area

Human Resource Management


PS - 4A » Human Resource Management 2 (12:00 - Thursday, 31st August, Lecture Room 2)