Exploring the Relationship between Organisational Culture and Innovation: A Study of Multinational Subsidiaries

Frauke Wolf

Trinity College Dublin

Frauke Wolf is a PhD candidate at Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests include international business, innovation, and organisational culture. More specifically, her work examines the relationship between organisational culture and innovation in multinational subsidiaries. 


Despite the vast research on multinational corporations (MNCs), little is known about entrepreneurship in the subsidiary, especially about the supporting culture in the subsidiary (Birkinshaw, 1997). This study was conducted... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Frauke Wolf (Trinity College Dublin)
  2. Louis Brennan (Trinity College Dublin)

Topic Area

Entrepreneurship and Innovation


PS - 1B » International Business 1 (13:30 - Wednesday, 30th August, Lecture Room 3)