Don't Take It Out of Context: A Study of Entrepreneurship a Nairobi Slum

Philip O'Donnell

Dublin City University

Philip O'Donnell is in the second year of his PhD. His research is concerned with social and institutional facilitators/inhibitors of entrepreneurship in areas of extreme poverty. Data collection is by ethnography in the urban slums of Nairobi, for which three months of a six-month period of data collection is complete.


We draw on data collected during a three-month ethnographic study in an impoverished and marginalised slum community in Nairobi, Kenya, to show how contextual factors sometimes supersede strategic choice in the initiation of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Philip O'Donnell (Dublin City University)
  2. Colm O’Gorman (Dublin City University)
  3. Eric Clinton (Dublin City University)

Topic Area

Entrepreneurship and Innovation


DC » Doctoral Colloquium (09:00 - Wednesday, 30th August, Weston Lecture Theatre)