Ethical values of Israeli business leaders

Arie Reshef

Sir Harry Solomon School of Management- Western Galilee College, Israel

Arie Reshef is a Senior lecturer at  the Sir Harry Solomon School of Management Western Galilee College, and at the Business Administration Department , University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel. He is   the editor of the "Study of The Organization and Human Resource Quarterly"  published by the Center for the Study of Organizations and Human Resources Management. He teaches business ethics, psychology of moral behavior, organizational learning, human resources development and qualitative research methods. He has years of experience in the Israeli industry as vice president for organizational development and human resources development, and as human resources manager. 


Ethical leadership has become in the last years a thriving research field (Frisch & Huppenbauer, 2014). The relevance of leaders ethicality has motivated ethical  leadership theory (Skubbin & Herzog, 2016). Business... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Arie Reshef (Sir Harry Solomon School of Management- Western Galilee College, Israel)

Topic Area

Organisational Behaviour and Change


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