A longitudinal inquiry into incidences of incongruence between strategic goal outcomes and budget rigidity: The efficiency-effectiveness dichotomy

Robert Scully

Barry University

Dr. Robert E. Scully is a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Barry University's School of Professional and Career Education. Dr. Scully holds a Doctorate in Business Administration degree in Management and a Masters degree in Economics. Current academic areas of research interest include management education, leadership, organizational governance and sustainability.


The experience of companies such as BellSouth Telecommunications, Ocean Spray and the Japanese DRAM industry serve as illustrations of what happens when short-term goals penalize risk-taking, pre-empt long-run innovation,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Robert Scully (Barry University)
  2. Edward Scott (Barry University)
  3. Alvaro Carreras (Barry University)
  4. Sandra Roberts (Barry University)
  5. Barry Brock (Barry University)

Topic Area

Organisational Behaviour and Change


PS - 6B » Organisational Behaviour and Change 4 (09:00 - Friday, 1st September, Lecture Room 3)