Ugly Siblings: Buyer attractiveness in controversial industries

Donna Marshall

University College Dublin

Donna has researched and taught supply chain management with University College Dublin for fifteen years. She has a PhD from University of Bath, UK and has published in publications such as MIT Sloan Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Production Operations Management and International Journal of Production and Operations Management.

Jakob Rehme

Linköping University

Jakob Rehme is a prof. in industrial economics and management from The Institute of Technology at Linköping University, Sweden. Jakob’s research interest and knowledge is within the area of business relationships and distribution economics. Specifically this includes the transfer of information, goods and financial assets between companies in supply chains.


Aims and Research QuestionsThe purpose of this paper is to explore how companies in controversial industries make themselves attractive to a potential supplier market. In Marketing, the task of attracting buyers has been... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Donna Marshall (University College Dublin)
  2. Jakob Rehme (Linköping University)
  3. John Ramsay (Staffordshire University)

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PS-2B » Supply Chain Management (14:30 - Wednesday, 30th August, Lecture Room 3)