"How does Immigrant Enclave Theory Influence Transnational Diaspora Entrepreneurial Opportunity in Ireland?"

Osa-Godwin Osaghae

Dublin Institute of Technology

Biography: Osa-Godwin Osaghae (BA Ord, Ba Hons, MSc)  Osa-Godwin Osaghae is doctoral researcher at Dublin Institute of Technology exploring the influence of enclave theory in host countries on transnational Diaspora Entrepreneurship. Osa-Godwin has worked as research Assistant with DIT and currently as Senior Tutor with DIT’s Access and Civic Engagement Office. He has lectured with Griffith College Limerick, Leinster College Dublin, and was also involved in DIT/EU CESSIT program and is presently managing DIT’s commitments to the European Union/DIT DiasporaLink project, a project involving 26 University worldwide. Aa a diaspora of Nigeria, Austria and Ireland, Osa-Godwin speaks 4 languages


Immigrant Enclave Theory (IET) explores the concentration and localisation of immigrants in a specific geographic area. IET captures those economic activities in which ethnicity and immigrant concentration can play a role, and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Osa-Godwin Osaghae (Dublin Institute of Technology)

Topic Area

Entrepreneurship and Innovation


DC » Doctoral Colloquium (09:00 - Wednesday, 30th August, Weston Lecture Theatre)