'Proposing a micro-firm adaptive capabilities framework for the off-peak senior tourism market'

Noel Kelly

Waterford Institute of Technology

Postgraduate Research Student RIKON,School of Business,Waterford Institute of Technology


Aim:This research aims to conceptually present the adaptive dynamic capabilities necessary for tourism micro-firm owner/ managers to develop senior tourism offerings into the off-peak season. Accordingly, a theoretical... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Noel Kelly (Waterford Institute of Technology)
  2. Jamie Power (Waterford Institute of Technology)
  3. Pat Lynch (Waterford Institute of Technology)
  4. Felicity Kelliher (Waterford Institute of Technology)

Topic Area

Entrepreneurship and Innovation


PS - 5B » Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 (15:30 - Thursday, 31st August, Syndicate Room 2)