Precarity amongst service managers in the NHS: A review in the midst of austerity and Brexit

Ally Memon

Kingston University

Ally Memon is a Senior Lecturer at Kingston Business School, Kingston University and teaches on the MSc Leadership and Management in Healthcare programme.

Maryam Zahmatkesh

Kingston University

Maryam Zahmatkesh is a Lecturer at Kingston Business School, Kingston University and teaches Human Resource Management. 


With a national agenda for public service integration and realising the need for a diverse and resilient NHS workforce, recent political movements in the wake of austerity and Brexit challenge the very capability of the NHS to... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ally Memon (Kingston University)
  2. Maryam Zahmatkesh (Kingston University)

Topic Area

Human Resource Management


PS - 4A » Human Resource Management 2 (12:00 - Thursday, 31st August, Lecture Room 2)