Are you being served? The how and the why of HR in practice in hospitality SMEs

Alison Sheridan

Dublin City University

I hold a B.Comm and an MSc in HRM am currently completing a PhD on a part-time basis in Dublin City University. Having worked as a HR Manager and more recently as a lecturer in Athlone Institute of Technology, my research interest is in the operation of HRM in SMEs.

Brian Harney

Dublin City University



Rationale SMEs make a significant contribution to the economy and employment but remain largely ignored by HR research. The uniqueness of HRM issues in the context of SMEs as recognised by Atkinson (2008) and others provides... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Alison Sheridan (Dublin City University)
  2. Brian Harney (Dublin City University)

Topic Area

Human Resource Management


PS - 4A » Human Resource Management 2 (12:00 - Thursday, 31st August, Lecture Room 2)