Linking psychological empowerment to alienation through the mechanisms of skill utilisation and empowering leadership

Edel Conway

Dublin City University

Edel Conway is Head of the HRM/ Organisational Psychology group at DCU Business School.  Her research has been published in journals such as Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management Journal and Work, Employment and Society. Edel is Associate Editor of Human Resource Management Journal.


Aim: This paper explores how skill utilisation is enabled by two aspects of empowerment - psychological empowerment and empowering leadership - and how such enablement reduces perceptions of alienation. These dual processes to... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Edel Conway (Dublin City University)
  2. Kathy Monks (Dublin City Univeristy)
  3. Na Fu (Trinity College Dublin)

Topic Area

Human Resource Management


PS - 5A » Human Resource Management 3 (15:30 - Thursday, 31st August, Lecture Room 2)