A Qualitative Analysis of Shared Leadership in Organisational Teams

Anne Sweeney

Waterford Institute of Technology

Anne Sweeney is a Lecturer in Management at Waterford Institute of Technology, and a PhD candidate at the University of Southampton where her research is supervised by Professor Nicholas Clarke and Professor Malcolm Higgs.  Anne's research explores how shared leadership emerges from the interactions of multiple individuals in organisational teams. 


Aim:This paper seeks to contribute to an understanding of shared leadership by identifying which leadership responsibilities can be shared, and exploring how leadership can be enacted by multiple individuals in a group... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Anne Sweeney (Waterford Institute of Technology)
  2. Nicholas Clarke (EADA Business School)
  3. Malcolm Higgs (Southampton University Business School)

Topic Area

Organisational Behaviour and Change


PS - 5C » Organisational Behaviour and Change 3 (15:30 - Thursday, 31st August, Lecture Room 3)