Opportunity or Necessity? Exploring the motivations of nascent and early-stage entrepreneurs over the age of 50

Brian Shee

University of Limerick

Brian Shee is a College Teacher in Entrepreneurship with the University of Limerick. He has an entrepreneurial background having previously founded two businesses. The first was an international corporate research consultancy that provided due diligence products to global clients. The second was a business that designed analytics software for start-up businesses. His research interests include older entrepreneurs, and the future role of entrepreneurs in the context of mass job automation.


In this paper, we consider the extent to which nascent and early-stage entrepreneurial activity among those over the age of 50 is selected as an employment path through opportunity rather than out of necessity. We choose 50 as... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jean McCarthy (University of Limerick)
  2. Yvonne Costin (University of Limerick)
  3. Brian Shee (University of Limerick)

Topic Area

Entrepreneurship and Innovation


PS - 3A » Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2 (09:00 - Thursday, 31st August, Syndicate Room 2)