The Mediating Role of Optimism on the Relationship between Leader Member Exchange and Employee Engagement: Evidence from the Irish Further Education and Training Sector

Aislinn Brennan

Aislinn Brennan

Aislinn Brennan holds the position of Manager of the Literacy Development Centre in the School of Lifelong Learning and Education in Waterford Institute of Technology and lectures in the Management of Adult Education.Aislinn's areas of interest include leadership, employee engagement, personal resources and wellbeing. 


AbstractEmployee engagement facilitates work performance and greater employee wellbeing and is associated with improved organisational outcomes and individual benefits (Bakker and Bal, 2010; Halbesleben and Wheeler, 2008;... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Aislinn Brennan (Aislinn Brennan)
  2. Tom Egan (Waterford Institute of Technology)
  3. Thomas Garavan (Edinburgh Napier University)

Topic Area

Human Resource Management


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