Developing Communities of Practice in Tertiary Education: Improving Teaching and Learning

Rose Leahy

Cork Institute of Technology

Rose Leahy is a lecturer in Marketing and International Business Department in CIT.  Her research interests are in the areas of Marketing Communication and Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.


Track: Education and Impact Research aim: Adopting a qualitative approach, this research explores the development of communities of practice among lecturers in tertiary education. Specifically, the research explores how... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Aileen Cotter (Cork Institute of Technology)
  2. Rose Leahy (Cork Institute of Technology)
  3. Michele McManus (Cork Institute of Technology)
  4. Mary Oldham (Cork Institute of Technology)
  5. Nollaig O'Sullivan (Cork Institute of Technology)

Topic Area

Education and Impact


PS - 6A » Education and Impact 2 (09:00 - Friday, 1st September, Lecture Room 2)