Dimensions of Knowledge Transfer Efficiency: A Conceptual Framework

Tom Curran


Tom has extensive experience as a software development manager and as a project manager. Software Development / Project Manager with extensive experience in the following positions,Research & Project ManagementSAP (MM and CRM) Business Analyst.eCommerce Systems Development Manager.Special Projects Manager (Technical Trouble-Shooter).Training Manager.

Pat Lynch

Waterford Institute of Technology

Pat is the Director of the RIKON research group and is extensively published in top tier journal and conferences. He is the principal investigator on over 400 innovation projects that delivered real value to industry and academy. 


All communication attempts to transfer knowledge and few human activities are of such fundamental importance as the efficient transfer of knowledge. Successful and efficient knowledge transfer can be the difference between a... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Tom Curran (TSSG)
  2. Pat Lynch (Waterford Institute of Technology)

Topic Area

Entrepreneurship and Innovation


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