How to design the governance of co-operatives so it is appropriate to each stage of their development.

Prof. Johnston Birchall

Emeritus-Stirling University

Johnston Birchall is an emeritus professor at Stirling University, Scotland. A social economist, he specialises in the study of member-owned businesses. He has published 10 books and numerous reports and articles on the subject, with translations into eight other languages. His latest books are People-centred Businesses; Co-operatives, Mutuals and the Idea of Membership (Macmillan, 2011) and Finance in an Age of Austerity: the Power of Customer-owned Banks (Edward Elgar, 2013). He has consulted for the UK Government, UN agencies and co-operative federations; his latest work focuses on the governance of large co-operatives, and on financial co-operatives after the banking crisis.


The aim of this presentation is to provide a commentary on the theme of the conference - understanding the stages of co-operative creation, transition and transformation - and on the need to manage such change, specifically... [ view full abstract ]


KN-1 » Keynote Presentation-How to design the governance of co-operatives (09:30 - Wednesday, 25th May, Palacio de Congresos-Sala 1)