Encouraging and discouraging institutional factors for cooperatives: a global exploration

H.M. Groeneveld. Commentary: Prof. Dante Cracogna, Prof. Pilar Alguacil, Prof. Michael Cook,

University of Tilberg/Rabobank + various

Professor Financial Services Co-operatives, TIAS School for Business and Society at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Senior Vice-President of Co-operative and Governance Affairs at Rabobank.
Prof. Dante Craconga, amongst many other distinctions, is a lawyer and a Profesor of commercial law in the University of Buenos Aires.
Prof. Pilar Alguacil is a professor at the University of Valencia, Institute of research on Social Economy and cooperatives and faculty member of the Department of Financial and Tax law.
Prof. Michael Cook is a professor at the University of Missouri and holds the Robert D. Partridge Chair, Department of Agricultural Economics.


We have developed an analytical framework to identify relevant factors that lead to or hinder success of the cooperative as an organization. It all starts with the basic question: is there a need for – a particular type of... [ view full abstract ]


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