Innovation Decision-Making in Agricultural Cooperatives


TOPIC 4–STAGE 5–MESO In the European Union agricultural cooperatives have a market share of around 60% of the processing and marketing of agricultural commodities, and around 50% of inputs supply (FAO, 2013a). Nevertheless... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Cristina Segovia-López (University of Almeria (CeiA3))
  2. Manuel Sánchez-Pérez (University of Almeria (CeiA3))
  3. Maria Belén Marín-Carrillo (University of Almeria (CeiA3))

Topic Area

Topic #4 Agriculture and Co-operatives


OS-3B » Agricultural Cooperatives No.1 (16:15 - Wednesday, 25th May, Palacio de Congresos Sala 2)

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