Profit seeking lawyers, Cooperative-ignorant judicial system, and a cooperative that lost its way: A Legal Perspective of the De-Mutulization of the historic Consumers Cooperatives in Israel


The once glorious consumers cooperative chain was de-mutualize in 2002 at a point of great profitability – allowing its 35,000 members to receive a market value of the cooperative's shares – 60,000 NIS (app 15,000 Euros)... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Yifat Solel (The Israeli Cooperative Alliance for Social, Economic and Environmental Justice)

Topic Area

Topic #18 Fiscal, Policy and Legal Innovations, Frameworks and Issues


OS-4C » Governance and Organizational Design No.2 (11:15 - Thursday, 26th May, Palacio de Congresos Sala 1)

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