Assurance of CSR Reports in Cooperatives: an exploratory case study

Helena Maria Bollas-Araya

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

Helena María Bollas-Araya is a PhD student in Business Administration and Management at the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (Spain). She has a Degree in Business Administration and Management and a Master's Degree in Financial and Tax Management.


Given accountability pressures and the demand for transparency, CSR reporting has proliferated in response to stakeholders’ concerns about environmental and social issues, governance and responsibility. Thus many companies... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Elies Seguí-Mas (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia)
  2. Helena Maria Bollas-Araya (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia)
  3. Paula Asensi-Peiró (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia)

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OS-5B » Cooperative Social Responsability (14:00 - Thursday, 26th May, Palacio de Congresos Sala 2)



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