Governmental & Parastatal Applications of Shared-Services Cooperatives

Christina Clamp

Southern New Hampshire University

Dr. Clamp is a Professor of Sociology at Southern New Hampshire University and Director of the University's Center for Co-operative and Economic Development.

Eklou Amendah

Southern New Hampshire University

Dr. Amendah is a Associate Professor of Marketing at Southern New Hampshire University and Coordinator of the SNHU Business School's Fashion Merchandising Program.

Carol Coren

Cornerstone Ventures LLC

Carol Coren is a Principal of Cornerstone Ventures, a firm that advances development of social enterprises in the USA.


T12/Stage 3/Meso Shared-services cooperatives provide needed benefits, services and opportunities to a variety of members in rural, suburban and urban communities throughout the US today. As membership associations, they are... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Christina Clamp (Southern New Hampshire University)
  2. Eklou Amendah (Southern New Hampshire University)
  3. Carol Coren (Cornerstone Ventures LLC)

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Topic #12 Networks, Collaborations, Clusters


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