Members' commitment affecting agrifood cooperatives' capitalisation: Effects on innovation and performance

Gustavo Marcos-Matás

Universidad de Murcia

Gustavo Marcos is a Marketing graduate, Master and PhD in Business Management Sciences. He is associate professor in ISEN University Centre and adjunct professor in the University of Murcia in the Business Management Department. He has published papers in international agricultural economics scientific journals (2), national journals (4) and participated in one book.


TOPIC 7- STAGE 3 –MICRO There is a wide consensus that capitalisation is one major prerequisite for cooperative’s success (Fulton, 1999; Zeuli and Betancor, 2005; Österberg and Nilsson, 2009). In order to acquire the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Gustavo Marcos-Matás (Universidad de Murcia)
  2. Arianna Ruggeri (Università di Bologna)
  3. Rino Ghelfi (Università di Bologna)

Topic Area

Topic #7 Governance and Organisational Design


OS-7B » Governance and Organizational Design No.3 (09:00 - Friday, 27th May, Palacio de Congresos Sala 2)

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