Different together: How workers' co-operatives networks contribute to sustaining workers' participation as an institutional differentiation

Aurélie Soetens

University of Liège

Aurélie Soetens is a PhD candidate at the Center for Social Economy of the University of Liège. She holds a master in Management of Social Enterprises, from HEC-ULg. Her research area is about workers' participation, workers’ co-operatives, inter-organizational networks, and institutional theory.


TOPIC 12 – STAGE 3 – MESO Workers’ participation, as other alternative economic practices, is a way for some organizations to differentiate themselves from economic actors following institutionally expected behaviors.... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Aurélie Soetens (University of Liège)
  2. Benjamin Huybrechts (University of Liège)

Topic Area

Topic #12 Networks, Collaborations, Clusters


OS-2C » Networks, Collaborations and Clusters (14:00 - Wednesday, 25th May, Barceló Sala 3)

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