A systematic literature review of cooperatives

Andres Camargo

University of Twente

Andres Felipe Camargo Benavides is a PhD candidate at the Netherlands Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship (NIKOS) at the University of Twente. He investigates inter-organizational relationships between co-operatives and members, by studying the role that co-operatives play in supporting exploration and exploitation activities of their members.


Cooperatives play an important role in social and economic development. Since the nineteenth century, coops are producing, marketing goods, and providing services to their stakeholders: not only to their members, but also to... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Andres Camargo (University of Twente)
  2. Michel Ehrenhard (University of Twente)

Topic Area

Topic #22 Co-operative Management


OS-5C » Strategies no. 2 (14:00 - Thursday, 26th May, Barceló Sala 3)



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