The motivations for being a ward director in a large cooperative

Jerker Nilsson

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala

Professor of Cooperative Business and Marketing, Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agriculture, Uppsala, Sweden


TOPIC 7 STAGE 3 MICRO In the absence of pecuniary benefits, what drives farmers to be directors at the lower echelons (ward level) in large cooperatives? There is insufficient literature to identify if human asset... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jerker Nilsson (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala)
  2. Ranjan Ghosh (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala)
  3. Hanna Österberg (Hushållningssällskapet, Stockholm)

Topic Area

Topic #7 Governance and Organisational Design


OS-1B » Governance and Organizational Design No.1 (11:15 - Wednesday, 25th May, Barceló Sala 3)

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