Social Responsibility and Reputation in the Olive Oil Cooperatives´ Management in the Province of Jaén (Spain)

M. Isabel Sánchez-Hernández

University of Extremadura

She is Associate Professor in the Department of Business Administration and Sociology, Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Extremadura. Address: Ave. Elvas s/n, 06006 Badajoz, (Spain). E-mail: Her research interests are focused on Human Capital, Internal Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility for improving regional competitiveness.


The attention to Social Responsibility (SR) has gradually become a concurrent strategy of modern companies’ management. Much has been written on SR, stakeholder satisfaction, strategy, competitive advantage and business... [ view full abstract ]


  1. FRANCISCA CASTILLA POLO (University of Jaén)
  2. M. Isabel Sánchez-Hernández (University of Extremadura)
  3. Dolores Gallardo-Vázquez (University of Extremadura)

Topic Area

Topic #9 Strategies: niche markets, growth, differentiation, internationalisation, short s


OS-5C » Strategies no. 2 (14:00 - Thursday, 26th May, Barceló Sala 3)

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