Integrated Health and Social Care in Communities: Case of Minami Medical Co-op

Akira Kurimoto

Hosei University

AKIRA KURIMOTO is Professor of the Institute for Solidarity-based Society at Hosei University, Tokyo and Director of the Consumer Co-operative Institute of Japan, Tokyo. He served as a Chairperson of the ICA (International Co-operative Alliance) Research Committee (2001-2005). He is the Vice Chair of the ICA Asian Research Committee and the member of the ICA Principles Committee.


Japan is on the front line of the aging society with 26.7% of population being 65+. Such a high and rapidly aging population causes a number of problems; shrinking workforce and consumption, depopulation and isolation,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Akira Kurimoto (Hosei University)

Topic Area

Topic #16 Innovations and Trends in the Provision of Services (healthcare, education, hous


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