Sequence stratigraphic framework and control factors of Lower Triassic in Northwest Margin, Junggar Basin, Northwest China


The Lower Triassic strata in Northwest Margin of Junggar Basin constitute one of the oil-rich strata in China. Its exploration is hindered by the argument on sequence stratigraphic framework and control factors. Therefore, it... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Biao Peng (China University of Petroleum -Beijing)
  2. Zhenkui Jin (China University of Petroleum -Beijing)
  3. Xiaoer Zhu (China University of Petroleum -Beijing)
  4. Tianbo Yang (China University of Petroleum -Beijing)
  5. Xuemin Cui (China University of Petroleum -Beijing)

Topic Area

Topics: Sequence stratigraphy


PS13 » Sequences and cycles - Poster Session (09:00 - Monday, 23rd May)



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