First Report of Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction Reaction in the Upper Paleozoic Carbonate in South-east of Ordos Basin, China


Thermochemical sulfate reduction (TSR) is the reaction between anhydrite and petroleum fluids at elevated temperatures to produce H2S and calcite. TSR has been studied in a number of sedimentary basins such as Sichuan basin... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Lihong Liu (Oil & Gas Survey, China Geological Survey/Peking University)
  2. Xingmin Zhao (Oil & Gas Survey, China Geological Survey)
  3. Yongsheng Ma (Oilfield Exploration and Production Department, Sinopec)
  4. Bo Liu (Peking University)
  5. chunlian wang (Institute of Mineral Resources, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences)

Topic Areas

Topics: Chemical sedimentary processes , Topics: Chemical sedimentary processes and diagenesis , Topics: Diagenesis


MS4 » Hydrocarbon reservoirs III (17:00 - Monday, 23rd May, KARAM 2)

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