Assessing genesis and early diagenesis of siderite concretions at Paola Ridge (southern Tyrrhenian Sea) using stable isotopes and REE composition


Carbonate concretions formed in shallow sub-bottom sediments of the Paola Ridge (southern Tyrrhenian Sea) have been investigated for their geochemical and isotopic composition. These carbonates have been collected within an... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Fulvio Franchi (Botswana International University of Science and Technology)
  2. Marzia Rovere (ISMAR-CNR)
  3. Fabiano Gamberi (ISMAR-CNR)
  4. Heba Rashed (University of Florence-)
  5. Orlando Vaselli (University of Pisa - IGG-CNR)
  6. Franco Tassi (University of Pisa - IGG-CNR)

Topic Areas

Topics: Microbial activity as sedimentary process , Topics: Chemical sedimentary processes and diagenesis , Topics: Diagenesis


MS8 » Chemical sedimentary processes I (14:30 - Tuesday, 24th May, KARAM 1)

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