Classification of deep-marine architectural elements with palynofacies


Modelling of deep-marine depositional systems is notoriously complex, especially in the subsurface, and new approaches to understanding stratigraphic organization and hierarchy are important. Here we present a new,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Adam McArthur (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
  2. Benjamin C. Kneller (University of Aberdeen)
  3. Paulo Souza (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
  4. Juliano Kuchle (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
  5. Matthew Wakefield (BG Group)

Topic Area

Topics: Turbidites and deep marine systems


MS16 » Turbidite and deep sea deposits I (09:00 - Wednesday, 25th May, KARAM 2)

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