Climate change on orbital to tectonic time scales: Facies development in the Miocene terrestrial succession of the Aktau Hills (SE Kazakhstan)


Throughout the Cenozoic, continental settings of Central Asia witnessed increased desertification. This climate shift is thought to be connected to global cooling, orogeny and the final Paratethys retreat. Despite general... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Konstantin Frisch (Institut für Geowissenschaften, Goethe Universität Frankfurt)
  2. Silke Voigt (Institut für Geowissenschaften, Goethe Universität Frankfurt)
  3. Sietske J. Batenburg (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford)

Topic Area

Topics: Cycles and rhythms in sedimentary record


MS13 » Sequences and cycles II (11:00 - Wednesday, 25th May, FES 2)

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