Catching the rhizolith-makers: identification of calcified plant roots by DNA barcoding


Rhizoliths are organosedimentary structures resulting in the preservation of remains or traces of roots of higher plants in mineral matter. They are one of the most prominent features in palaeosols and may constitute the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Adrijan Košir (Institute of Palaeontology ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and School of Earth & Ocean Sciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK)
  2. Tjaša Lokovšek (Jovan Hadži Institute of Biology ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana)
  3. Andrea Martín-Pérez (Institute of Palaeontology ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana)
  4. Boštjan Surina (Natural History Museum Rijeka)
  5. Branko Vreš (Jovan Hadži Institute of Biology ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana)

Topic Areas

Topics: Biotic sedimentary processes , Topics: Microbial activity as sedimentary process , Topics: The frontiers of sedimentology


MS12 » Microbiology and sediments I (14:30 - Wednesday, 25th May, FES 1)

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