Using varve thickness records from three proglacial lakes in south-central Alaska as proxies for climate variations on multidecadal and interannual timescales


Glacial varves are powerful tools for environmental reconstructions thanks to their annual timeframe and capacity to record high-resolution climate variability. This study paves the way for future environmental investigations... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Evelien Boes (Ghent University)
  2. Maarten Van Daele (Ghent University)
  3. Jasper Moernaut (Universidad Austral de Chile)
  4. Sabine Schmidt (EPOC, Université de Bordeaux 1)
  5. Marc De Batist (Ghent University)

Topic Area

Topics: Lacustrine sedimentation


PS10 » Sedimentary signature of Global Changes - Poster Session (09:00 - Monday, 23rd May)

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