Architecture and sedimentary evolution of Turonian-Coniacian carbonate reservoir (Douleb and Bireno members) in the Golf of Gabes


The Pelagian Province generally coincides with the offshore shelf area of east-central Tunisia and northern Libya. The Golf of Gabes lies in the pellagian province. It is a wide Ceno-Mesoizoic basin developed at the expense of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. imen chalwati (faculty of science of Tunis)
  2. Wissem Dhraief (faculty of science of Tunis)
  3. Noureddine Boukadi (faculty of science of Tunis)

Topic Areas

Topics: Shelf and shallow water sedimentation , Topics: Carbonate platforms and reef , Topics: Geophysics and geophysical methods in sedimentology


MS15 » Carbonate platform and reef I (16:00 - Wednesday, 25th May, KARAM 2)

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