Global Compilation of Marine Varve Records


Marine varves contain highly resolved records of geochemical and other paleoceanographic and paleoenvironmental proxies with annual to seasonal resolution. We present a global compilation of marine varved sedimentary records... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Arndt Schimmelmann (Indiana University)
  2. Carina Lange (Universidad de Concepcion)
  3. Pierre Francus (INRS Eau Terre Environnement)
  4. Juergen Schieber (Indiana University)
  5. Antti Ojala (Geological Survey of Finland)
  6. Bernd Zolitschka (University of Bremen)

Topic Areas

Topics: Shelf and shallow water sedimentation , Topics: Cycles and rhythms in sedimentary record


MS13 » Sequences and cycles III (17:00 - Wednesday, 25th May, FES 2)

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