Ownership Strategies and Stakeholder Relations of State-Owned Enterprises: Taking stock of current practice in Swiss Cantons


In recent decades, it has been widely acknowledged among scholars and management practitioners that stakeholder-orientation matters, both, for private and public organisations, including state-owned enterprises (SOEs).... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Caroline Brueesch (Zurich University of Applied Science)
  2. Sandra Fuhrimann (Zurich University of Applied Science)
  3. Achim Lang (Zurich University of Applied Science)
  4. Victoria Popova (Zurich University of Applied Science)

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C102 - 1 » C102 - Governance & Management of State-Owned Enterprises on Three Governments Levels (1/3) (13:30 - Thursday, 14th April, PolyU_Y503)



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