Taking women's bodily functions into account in urban planning and sustainability:Sanitation, toilets and menustration.

Clara Greed

Royal Town Planning Institute

Dr Clara Greed is emerita professor of inclusive urban planning and is now semi-retired but is still active in research, writing and campaigning. She is a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and other built environment bodies​. Clara's activities are focused upon the built environment, architecture, planning and urban social issues. She has become infamous for her research and publications on the importance of public toilet provision within the context of urban design and the social aspects of planning. Public toilets are the missing link in creating sustainable, equitable and accessible cities, and are an essential facility for people when walking, cycling and travelling by public transport. In recent years she has returned to her previous interest in urban theology and the relationship between religion and urban structure, and the emergence of the post-secular city. The link between toilets and places of worship is that they both 'social facilities' that cater for basic human needs bu


This paper discusses global sanitation issues, in relation to girls and women with reference to toilet provision, menstruation and urbanization. Whilst over 2 billion people lack adequate toilet provision, water supply,... [ view full abstract ]


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